How Do I...?

Add Courthouses/Courts to my profile?

We have a method so you can hierarchically add courts and courthouses to your profile.

Now remember, everything is working slow right now - and we are working on that. Every time you click on a dropdown, as long as there is another field, another field will slide out to your right. Just give it a few seconds.

Okay, first wait for the page the form is on to fully load, or otherwise the form will ask you to scroll through 3000+ counties and their courthouses.

Once the page has fully loaded, you click on the drop-down and first select which type of court you are adding to your profile or trying to find an appearance attorney in. The choices are State Courts; Federal Courts; District of Columbia Courts and Territorial Courts.

Say you pick "State Courts." After that, you pick a State. For this example, let's say California. After that, you pick a County. We'll pick Los Angeles. After that, you pick a court house. We'll head out to Catalina Island. Then you pick the court, which of course this being California, is a Superior Court.

It's a small courthouse and has only one department, Department 1.


State Courts > California > Los Angeles County > Catalina Island > Superior Court > Department 1

See how that works?

Search for an Appearance Attorney?

Similar to the above. The website is also slow on this function - so apologies for that as well and we are working on it.

Say you have an appearance in Part 11 of Civil Court in Brooklyn tomorrow you need covered.

That's a state court, so first you select "State Courts." After a bit the states themselves come up. Brooklyn is in New York (the best known "Brooklyn" anyhow) as you are aware, so select "New York." Now comes the county selection. Brooklyn is coextensive with Kings County and Kings County is the term that the State judicial system uses. So select "Kings County."

Now there is more than one Civil Court in Kings. You click on "Civil Courts" and it is revealed that there are two Civil Courts in Kings - Red Hook Community Justice Center and 141 Livingston (In New York, there is Civil Court and there is also civil court) You want the latter Civil Court, so select "141 Livingston."

Once you get to 141 Livingston, the next slideout will show the sole choice "Civil Court." That's there to keep the nomenclature system consistent throughout CHR. After that, you will have a choice of parts.

Pick "Part 11." Hit the search button - wait a bit, and see which attorneys go to that part.


State Courts > New York > Kings County > Civil Courts > 141 Livingston > Civil Court > Part 11

Tip: If you can't find an attorney for a particular courthouse, try a search dropping the last term. E.g. drop the court division. If that doesn't work, drop the court. If that doesn't work, drop the courthouse. That would leave you with a County of a particular State - if there are no profiles for that, that means there are no attorneys registered for that particular County.

Add courts or make other changes to my profile?

Log into your account.

Under your username, you will find a row of tabs starting with the word "View."

The fourth from the left after "Colleagues" is "Edit." Click on "Edit."

Now you will see two rows of tabs under your username.

The lower one has "Account," "Place Assignments Only" and "Receive Assignments." Click on "Receive Assignments."

The page you reach is the one where you make changes to your profile.

To add courts, scroll down to "Counties," "Courthouses" and "Courts."

You will see a dropdown that says "None." Click on that. Choose your jurisdiction. Let the next dropdown slide out from the right. Click on your desired choice. Continue until you have reached the deepest level for that line.

Repeat as desired, each time clicking the button labeled "Add Another Item."

Once you have added the courts you want, scroll further down and click on "Save."