About Us

About Us

We are about helping “appearance attorneys.” In some jurisdictions, appearance attorneys are referred to as “step-up” or “coverage” attorneys.

No matter what the nomenclature, these attorneys appear in court on behalf of other attorneys. Law firms hire appearance attorneys because the firm can’t make a calendar call due to other obligations - e.g. having to be in another court at that time. Also, law firms might not want to lose the day waiting to be called before the judge for a simple appearance that might take ten minutes or less.

The foregoing paragraph also covers the reasons why firms may hire another attorney for depositions and other matters, such as creditor meetings in bankruptcy proceedings.

Court House Regular is a website that works to bring appearance attorneys and those law firms that might hire them together – without intermediaries.

Who are the intermediaries? Appearance brokers for the most part. These are businesses that charge law firms a premium over what the appearance attorney makes to send someone to court. Get rid of the premium and the firm pays less while the appearance attorney makes more.

Win-Win-Lose for the law firm, appearance attorney and the appearance broker respectively.

If you are a licensed attorney, at Court House Regular, you will be able to set up a profile and choose which courthouses and courts you are willing to appear in.

Law firms can set up profiles as well and are able to search by the courthouse and/or court that they need to have a lawyer appear in and can find those profiles that match.

It’s getting to be a “gig economy” out there and Court House Regular is here to help attorneys with it.