Future Subscriber Benefits

Here are some of the things that we are currently working on as benefits for Charter Subscribers and Placement Only Subscribers.

◦ Websites

www.findlawyerbycourthouse.com - As the name implies, this will enable page visitors to find lawyers by searching for them by Court House and, where we have it, by Court as well.

www.legalformfile.com - Legal Form File will allow paid members to upload and download court filings as Word documents. These documents will be indexed by court house and by court.

◦ Apps

We are working on apps for both iOS and Android. The eventual goal is to have each app to be an "Appearance Practice in a Box." What we mean by this is that we hope to have apps that can receive assignments, create disposition reports with a few clicks and then bill the client.

◦ Continuing Legal Education ("CLE")

We are working putting together free CLE for as many jurisdictions as practicable.