Charter/Placement Only Subscriber Benefits

The following are the benefits that we are offering our "Placement Only" and "Charter Subscribers."


Placement Only subscribers may search for Appearance Attorneys, but cannot receive court assignments through this website. Placement Only subscribers are never subject to a subscription fee.

Charter Subscribers are our paid Appearance Attorney members and receive preference in our search results.

Beyond those differences, both of these classes are entitled to the same benefits.


Charter Subscriber Commissions

We are starting an optional paid subscription of $20.99 a month for our “Receive and Place Assignments” subscribers. We refer to that as our “Charter Subscription.” Optional, as Appearance Attorneys can still have a searchable profile for free.

If you are a Placement Only subscriber or a Charter Subscriber, you can invite Appearance Attorneys to join Court House Regular via the “Invite Appearance Attorneys” tab on your profile.

If the invitee subsequently purchases a paid subscription, the subscriber who invited that attorney will receive $10 per month for the life of that paid subscription.

Appearance Attorney Searches

The search that Law Firms use to find Appearance Attorneys returns Charter Subscribers first and then allows for an optional search of unpaid profiles.

The first search, the paid search, will be ordered by the date an Appearance Attorney purchases a Charter Subscription – the earlier they purchase a paid subscription, the earlier in the search results their profile will appear.

We are also working on offering other benefits in the future for our Placement Only and Charter Subscribers. Read about them here


We will be closing the Charter Subscription class at 1,000 members – about half the number of current Appearance Attorney subscribers we currently have. After closing out that class, we will still be accepting paid subscriptions, but only Charter and Placement Only Subscribers will be eligible for any payments for bringing in paid subscribers.

As an introductory offer, if an Appearance Attorney purchases a Charter Subscription by October 31st of this year, we will freeze the monthly subscription fee at $20.99 - forever - as long as the monthly payments are met. For subsequent paid subscribers, the monthly fee will be subject to increase.